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My name is Sara Goodsir and I am the Art Education teacher for grades 4K-8. I currently will be working with three different schools throughout the year : North Cape, Drought, and Washington Caldwell. I graduated in 2014 form UW-Whitewater with a Bachelors in Art Education. As an Art educator, I enjoy working with all types of mediums that come my way. I would have to say my favorite at this time in my life is painting, but it does tend to change every so often.

In addition for my love of art, in my free time, I like to work on my photography buisness on the side and grow in my ability to capture special moments and memories.

I am extremly excited to have joined the staff of North Cape, Drought, and Washington Caldwell. I can't wait to work with all the children and see their creativty and growth.


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Sara Goodsir

Welcome to the Art Department!

Sara Goodsir

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