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School Safety

ALICE and ALICE Training

The North Cape School District updated its safety plan in the Spring of 2017 with the training of several members of the Crisis Team and implemented those changes in the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.   As part of this initiative, the safety protocol called ALICE was implemented in the unlikely event of an armed intruder in one of our school buildings. This training encourages staff and students to respond based on their situation, rather than rely on centralized instructions in dynamic times of crisis.  ALICE is a federally endorsed safety protocol.  We continue to teach and practice ALICE every year as do the surrounding districts.

The letters ALICE stand for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate:

  • Alert – inform people of the threat, giving as much information as possible.

  • Lockdown – Students and Staff can choose to lockdown and barricade the room that they are in if they determine that it is not safe to evacuate.  Safe evacuation is always the best defense.

  • Inform – pass on as much information as possible to others and to First Responders, including contacting 911.

  • Counter – an effort of last resort, if an armed intruder is able to get into the space that they are in; middle school students are encouraged but not required to yell and throw things and then run in an attempt to stop the intruder instead of being passive victims.

  • Evacuate – If it is safe to do so, all are encouraged to evacuate the building, and remove themselves from the threat.  Students have been taught where our rally points are located.  

Under ALICE training, staff and students are oriented to different options to respond to a school intruder who is intent on doing harm. In some cases, the teacher and students might take precautions to barricade the entrance(s) of the classroom. Under certain conditions, it might be the best decision for the teacher and students to flee the building. It is the intention of ALICE that the strategies we provide will increase the chances that our staff and students might survive if a terrible circumstance of an armed intruder ever were to occur.  



Title IX Information

Title IX Coordinators 

Katie Witzeling & Jessica Harris

Telephone: (262) 835 - 4069  

Emails: and

The Board does not discriminate on the basis of sex (including sexual orientation or gender identity), in its education programs or activities, and is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, and its implementing regulations, not to discriminate in such a manner.  The requirement not to discriminate in its education program or activity extends to admission and employment.   The Board is committed to maintaining an education and work environment that is free from discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment. 

The Board prohibits sexual harassment that occurs within its education programs and activities.  When the District has actual knowledge of sexual harassment in its education program or activity against a person in the United States, it shall promptly respond in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent. 

Pursuant to its Title IX obligations, the Board is committed to eliminating sexual harassment and will take appropriate action when an individual is determined responsible for violating this policy.  Members of the School District community who commit Sexual Harassment are subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions set forth in this policy.  Third parties who engage in sexual harassment are also subject to the disciplinary sanctions listed in this policy. The Board will provide persons who have experienced Sexual Harassment ongoing supportive measures as reasonably necessary to restore or preserve access to the District’s education programs and activities.